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Atomic V AF Smart LED Hoop

Atomic V AF Smart LED Hoop

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The Atomic V AF by Astral Hoops is the smartest of smart hoops on the market. It is bold, bright and beautiful with tons of unique patterns and you can upload any image to make your own pattern with the easy to use Apple/Android App. The possibilities are endless with this smart hoop! Let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help!


  • Megamix - Megamixes combine the chaos of randomization with intelligent transitioning to create a unique mix of patterns every time.
  • Color and Speed Control - Customize the color and speed of any mode.
  • Battery Meter - Easily monitor your battery life.
  • Brightness control - Crank it up for blinding light, or turn it down to increase battery life.
  • Favorites - Store up to 30 customized favorites! POVs - Original 15 Evoke POVs + 15 all new ones.
  • More Rainbow - More stunning rainbow color schemes.
  • Comets - Orbit your body with comets.
  • Random pattern generators - 5 Random modes create a new pattern every time.
  • Intelligent battery management - New intelligent power regulation for longer battery life.

Advance Features:

  • More stunning POVs - 15 Additional high definition images included.
  • POV stabilization - Detects the hoop’s motion to keep images clear and vivid.
  • Auto isolation - Uses the gyro sensor to keep parts of the patterns in the same place when the hoop is in motion.
  • Battery saving auto rest - dims LEDs when not in use. Can be turned on/off and adjusted in the phone apps.
  • Beatsync - tap the joystick to sync the hoop to the beat of your favorite music.
  • Two ways to control - Control the hoop with its joystick or the phone apps.
  • Phone Apps - Additional features with iPhone and Android Apps.

Apple/Android App Features:

  • Control multiple hoops at the same time.
  • Design new patterns and send them instantly to the hoop.
  • Create and upload large images with millions of colors.
  • Load images from your phone and edit them in the all new Designer.
  • Take pictures and send them to the hoop.
  • Update hoop firmware directly from your phone to get new features.

Minimum requirements: iPhone 6 (with iOS 11.2), Android 6 (Marshmallow)


  • 60LEDs/m (double density) High Definition LEDs!
  • LEDs all the way around the hoop with no gaps!
  • Advanced 16 million color LED circuit, super bright and incredibly durable.
  • Internal batteries distributed evenly around the hoop for a precision balance.
  • Collapsible for easy travel.
  • Your choice of internal or removable batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries deliver the most power with the least amount of weight

For your health and the environment, we use only RoHS compliant and lead-free components and solder Workmanship and durability guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Diameter and Tubing Size:

  • 26" ID 5/8" Polypro
  • 28" ID 5/8" Polypro
  • 30" ID 11/16" Polypro
  • 32" ID 11/16" Polypro

Custom sizes are available, but these are the sizes we stock:)

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