About Us


HoopHeads is a two-person operation consisting of Devon & Stephen Stone. We are a young, lively couple with two precious children, Lola & Syler. Stephen Cuts/Makes the Hoop to be taped and then packages the Hoop to ship along with the behind the scene business aspects. While Devon creates beautiful works of art with her tape magic. And we tag-team the customer support to make sure each customer is cared for. Together we are the Heart and Soul of HoopHeads.


Starting with our very first festival, we were hooked on the vibe. The love, unity, and sense of community is overwhelming. Hooping is a huge part of the festival scene and that is the part we want to share with you. We were in Aww of the hoopers and what hooping could truly be. Devon quickly fell in love with the Flow. And the rest is history. With Devon's Passion and Stephen's business degree, HoopHeads was created in April of 2013. And since that date, we have sold over 1000s of Hula Hoops around the country.


Thank You

We want to thank each and every soul that has shown us love and support over the past couple of years. It truly shows how beautiful the hoop community really is. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to keep doing what we love. We look forward to many more years of spreading the Hoop Love! <3 HoopHeads