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Just Ask:) We pride ourselves on our customer service and quick response time, and want to do what we can to help. We especially love to help beginners start their Hoop Journey and understand they will have several questions along the way. We are happy to help!

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Call or Text Us: (803)450-HOOP or (803)450-4667

Not currently accepting courier pigeons or smoke signals at this time:)


Hoops are made to order due to the wide variety of sizes, types, and diameters. It can take anywhere from 1-10 Business days to make, package and ship your hoop.

We ship all of our Hoops USPS Priority Mail (1-4 Business days). We also provide a tracking number. Please verify your address with USPS when checking out. As you could imagine, the package will be large and will not fit in your mail box.

Disclaimer: With all that being said, we often work 7 days a week on Hoops, And you may get your within a few days. But We are a husband and wife team juggling two kids, a full-time 9-6 job, and a hoop business. So...things happen. Please bare with us, especially during peak season (June-August) and Christmas. We are averaging 5-10 business days on taped hoops and 1-2 business days on LED hoops ATM.  We love you and we will deliver:)

Return Policy

Because of the custom nature of our Hoops, we do not accept returns in most circumstances. Obviously if we are at fault, we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Warranty (LED Hoops)

Our hoops are hand crafted and durable. We stand behind our hoops craftsmanship and that is why we offer a 1 year warranty on all LED Hula Hoops from date of purchase. Should the LEDs, wiring, push button and/or rivet damage from normal use, we will repair or replace your item free of charge.

Polypro is excellent material for hula hooping, but can crack when slammed against hard surfaced or exposed to extreme cold. Unfortunately, we cannot warranty the tubing. If your tubing breaks, kinks, or cracks, we will replace the tubing for $20.00.

HDPE is very durable and we are confident under normal use will not damage. If your tubing breaks, kinks, or cracks, we will replace the tubing for $20.00.

The LED hoop is not water proof or water resistant. Water damage is not covered under the warranty.

If you are having any other kind of issue, please contact us. We will try to work out any situation to ensure a happy customer. We love happy hoopers!!