Getting Started

 Checkout this YouTube video to help you get started with your NEW hoop!

Below we have a few instructions on getting started, important warnings, and helpful hints. It is important to read the full description to get the most out of your hoop. We wouldn’t say it was important unless it really was!! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

Getting Started:

Unpackage the hoop and battery, and uncoil the hoop. Place the battery in the hoop Negative (flat) side First. Grab each end of the hoop and insert the smaller end into the larger end. You will notice a silver push button and two holes. Press the silver button and push the two ends together. The first hole is the “off” position of your hoop and the second hole is the “on” position of your hoop. Now, you are ready to hoop your heart out!



Each Hoop comes with one rechargeable lithium battery and a charger.  When charging your battery, make sure the positive (nipple) side is up.  A full charge only takes a few hours (1-3) hours. Please do not over charge!  We only recommend using a battery made for this hoop.  Although these batteries look like simple AA or AAA batteries, they are not at all.  This hoop battery is about 3X as powerful as a normal battery and made just for your hoop.  A standard AA or AAA battery will not power your hoop.  And do not use your hoop battery in any other device.  It will over power  (fry) the device.


Helpful Hints:

  • Our push button and holes are a snug fit. If you are having trouble with the push button popping through the hole, grab both ends gently twisting and pushing until they come through.
  • Due to shipping, your hoop may be slightly mis-shaped. A few hours of direct sunlight (WITHOUT THE BATTERY) on a flat surface followed by a good hoop sesh should get it rounded out.
  • If one of the lights seems to not be working or if all the lights look dim, it is time to charge your batteries. You do not want your batteries to go completely dead. It is not good for their longevity.
  • We recommend buying an extra battery for double the play time☺


Happy Hooping!