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Weighted LED Hula Hoop ~ Euphoria ~ Color Changing Magic

Weighted LED Hula Hoop ~ Euphoria ~ Color Changing Magic

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A new spin on the Euphoria inspired by the hula hoop workout craze! Traditionally the Euphoria is light weight, but we have weighted it down to get the most out of your workout. Why spend money on an expensive "workout" hoop when ALL hula hooping is a GREAT workout AND you can spin in style! Perfectly balanced for an even flow! The Euphoria LED Hula Hoop is true magic. The slow motion change to these beautiful, bright LEDS is absolutely stunning. The colors are a constant changing pattern. You truly never know what it will do next. All the pictures above are of this same hoop, but still these pictures cannot capture this hoops true beauty or ability.

The hoop uses one rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a wall charger. Battery last for 2+ hours of hoop fun! A huge variety of other sizes and material available see below, just ask!

What is different? We added an additional 5/8" tubing to the inside of the 7/8" tubing and mini weights in between every LED.

Important Our hoops are hand crafted and durable. We stand behind our hoops craftsmanship and that is why we offer a 1 year warranty on all LED Hula Hoops from date of purchase. Should the LEDs, wiring, push button and/or rivet damage from normal use, we will repair or replace your item free of charge.

HDPE is very durable and we are confident under normal use will not damage. If your tubing breaks, kinks, or cracks, we will replace the tubing for $20.00.

The LED hoop is not water proof or water resistant. Water damage is not covered under the warranty. If you are having any other kind of issue, please contact us. We will try to work out any situation to ensure a happy customer. We love happy hoopers!!

Other Sizes and Material We offer the same hoop in several varieties and sizes. Please ask if there is something you want that is not listed:)

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